Saturday, April 9, 2016

Grandmother's Flower Garden Top Finished!

Entire twin sized quilt top, on a queen sized bed
I finally finished something, well, sort of. The Grandmother's Flower Garden top is completely finished. Which is better than nothing, right?

Close up of the spaces between flowers
It's an unusual layout. In most of the quilts I've seen the flowers are staggered so there aren't so many hexies between the flowers. But I've tried to make sure there are not any large areas of the background fabric by placing a few darker pieces here and there.

Rulers showing how I'll trim the hexies 
I added a dark hexie to the corners as well. One of the ladies at my EGA lunch last weekend suggested that I not cut the hexies straight as shown in the photo above but to sew around the edges. I think that might just drive me nuts, so I'll go ahead and cut them to give me a straight edge.

Looks good, Grandma!
The QA inspector likes it. Now for quilting it. I might just quilt it myself. It needs a good pressing, then I'll decide. My embroidery machine has quilting patterns built in, but I might try the fancy hand quilting look stitch that it also has. Decisions, decisions. 

Things are getting pretty hectic around here now. My daughter is working lots of hours, she being a tax accountant and it's almost that time. This year taxes are due on April 18, as Washington DC has a holiday on the 15th. Also, the house is just about finished. Our walk through is Tuesday with closing on Thursday. Then it's a mad dash to get moved before we need to vacate the apartment on the 19th. As there is no school on the 18th we will have both grandchildren that day, further complicating matters. Luckily I sent in our taxes last weekend.

This afternoon we are off to U Haul to buy boxes, then to shop for bathroom mirrors. I didn't order them with the cabinets as I thought to buy some in antique stores, but that didn't happen. Speaking of cabinets, we have had quit an adventure with them, and not in a good way. More to come. 


  1. Oh,my, he is so precious! Love the quilt, too!

  2. Beautiful classic quilt and baby too :)

  3. The extra space works very well, but I agree that it needed the dark spots to break up the expanses of white/cream.

  4. Woo hoo! Great job, Cynthia. It is so light and pretty!

    You know, the QA Inspector seems to have grown a lot since March. More like a boy, less like a baby. Time flies!

  5. Amazing that you are getting any quilting done with everything else that's going on. Very pretty quilt and good decision on the straight cut edges. Loving your QA inspector; he would keep me motivated too. Good luck with the next move.


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