About me

I started embroidering when I was very young, helping mom with one of those stamped cross stitch tablecloths, then going on to sewing clothes in high school and a bit as a young mom. I haven't done much more until the past 15 years or so when I caught the quilting bug and made quilts for every one of us. When my one and only daughter got engaged I started really getting interested in heirloom sewing and embroidery. After all, there were babies to come.

Unfortunately, my daughter doesn't do much ironing, so the heirloom dresses don't quite cut it for her. So for sewing I'm concentrating on practical things for my granddaughter, and going into couture sewing and a bit of tailoring for the adults (my sons and me).

I love surface embroidery, especially working with silk threads on silk fabric with a bit of goldwork thrown in. And there's also crewel work and smocking. I'm doing a bit of drawn work and counted work, but it doesn't interest me as much as the other forms of embroidery. I'm also doing a bit of crocheting and hope to get back into knitting. Recently I started tatting, hoping to make matching trim for smocked dresses.

I bought a fancy embroidery/sewing machine, and will be learning the software for it. Machine embroidery certainly has its place, especially for children and customizing everyday clothes.

In February 2015, I moved from California to Northern Colorado to be near my grand babies. I'm busily adapting to the very different Colorado lifestyle, seeking out new EGA and SAGA groups in which to participate.