Saturday, May 14, 2016

Some Progress on the Sewing Room

A few boxes unpacked
I've been busy in the basement unpacking all those boxes. As you can see, I have an ironing station set up and the table in place. Yesterday I actually had the machine out to make some curtains, but now it is down under the table top. 

Welcome back, old friends
I've appropriated a bookshelf from my son's room to store some magazines and books. He is now in Seattle and may eventually want this back, but for now, I'll use it. It is so nice to have my books back. 

A-Z Books on the center left shelf
All of my A-Z Country Bumpkin books are on the center left shelf, while the Italian books are in the center stack. They will have to go out someplace else. I was taking a few classes while in California, but need to get back to studying. The jeans on the top shelf are donations from Mr. California Stitching, and will be turned into a ragged edge quilt top once my new cutter from Accuquilt arrives. The sweaters below it are all wool and will be felted for some future project(s). 

Project organization
This is how I organize some of my in-process work. Whenever I travel, I try to collect sturdy, preferably canvas bags. They are great for toting projects around while reminding me of all the places I've visited. The toile bag on the far left was from Lady Washington's Gift Shop at Mount Vernon (George Washington's Home, for my non American readers), which we visited during the government shutdown in October 2013.  It holds current tatting supplies. The red, white and blue bag is from Yale and holds Wee Care gowns to smock. The Smithsonian bag is (obviously) from the Smithsonian museum and holds the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt top. The bag in the center back has titles of books on the cover, many of which are blacked out to represent banned books (such a Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. It is from the British Library (September of 2014) and holds the Rambling Clematis stump work project. The red and white bag is from the Monterey Aquarium, one of my favorite places in the world, and holds some ironing equipment, such as a pressing sheet and a wooden pressing tool. The three bags in the front (SAGA Dallas 2007, Vanguard, and Boston) are empty, and awaiting projects.

I am thinking of cataloging all of my projects in hopes that it will make me finish them in a more timely manner. I've tried this before with virtually no success, as you can see on the "Ongoing Projects and Finishes Page" for my half hearted attempt two years ago. It will be a daunting task, but it is something that needs to be done. My in-process inventory is just too high and seems to be getting higher.  If any of you dear readers have a good way to do this, please leave a comment below, and thanks in advance! Yes, I know, it's called discipline.

The all important tree 
In other news, we had to have this tree planted before we could get a permanent Certificate of Occupancy issued by the city of Loveland. The city is determined to have shady, tree-lined streets, and for the most part, has succeeded. 

Twenty-six tons of gravel
The landscapers left us with a whole lot of gravel in the street! It is now all spread around the lot. In fact, only a few plants and the lawn are missing. It is still too early to plant the seeds as the landscaper is afraid they will rot with the cools nights we've been experiencing.

Looks natural, doesn't it?
I love how the water feature came out. It looks just like a mountain stream. We've seen some robins bathing in the top and our grandson really wants to get right in it. I'll show more photos once everything is in.

Registration for the SAGA Convention opens Monday morning, so I'll be busy this weekend figuring out which classes to take. There are so many lovely choices it will be difficult.  I'm leaning towards taking all of Susan O'Connor's classes so I'll need to finish the Embroidered Silk Evening Bag first.