Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tatted Baby Bonnet

Today I will share a great Antique Mall find. Last Friday I left work early for an appointment, but overestimated the amount of time I would need to get there. And for once, the traffic wasn't too bad at all. So I found that I had about 20 minutes to spare, and just happened to exit the freeway near an antique mall close by my house. I generally try to stay away from it, as most of the time I spend way too much money buying things for which I have absolutely no need or use. But I love to browse through it to try to pick up any of the things I may be collecting (which are not many, honest!).  Halfway through the mall I came across this baby bonnet and couldn't believe my eyes! It is all tatted! It is lined with what looks like cotton, or maybe silk, batiste and trimmed with a bit of silk ribbon. The photo above is as I found it, which was a dingy orangey-brown color with a few extra stains around the back.

I took the poor thing home and soaked it in a very high concentration of detergent with oxygen bleach (I use Kirkland High Efficiency powder from Costco and OxyClean) for two days, then tossed it in a mesh bag and laundered it on the delicate cycle. I know the photos aren't the best, but look at the difference! It's really amazing how nicely it cleaned up. In real life the contrast in color before and after washing is much greater. The lining is a bit ragged, and the silk ribbon on the outside is very ragged and coming apart, so I think I'll replace both. I may use cotton or silk organdy for the lining and a longer ribbon for the trim, add some ties and maybe a flower at the base of each side. The tatting itself is in perfect condition! After all, it is knotted cotton thread which is pretty sturdy.

And best of all, this cost me $14.00. Considering the time that went into making the tatting, it is truly a bargain. I have no idea what I'll do with it. Maybe I'll just mount it on a bonnet mount and look at it. I just love it, especially as I'm sure I'll never learn to tat.


  1. what an awesome find! I'm a little jealous.

  2. When I saw the icon showing your new post, I was sure that YOU made this bonnet! Tatting is one needlecraft I have never learned, either. I love this pretty bonnet; you got it so nice and white! It is like a treasure hunt to find something like this in a shop. Great purchase!

  3. Incredible piece of needlework and so worth your efforts. I'd say it's a bargain at fourteen dollars!

  4. Wonderful little bonnet! I love tatting, and admire those who can do it. I have tried, and the knots I end up with are not of the desired or beautiful type. Enjoy your new little treasure!

  5. That is a real work of art, Cynthia! What a find! I have tried tatting before but could never get the hang of it. And bobbin lace too...I think they are both crafts that require hands on teaching, for me anyway!


  6. What a gorgeous piece and it came up so well from soaking too. I have put learning to tatt off for a while. Having troubles with it but will have another go later on.


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