Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old Linens III

This is probably my last post for a while on my old linens, that is, until I either wash and photograph what I have or buy more, whichever comes first. This of course is with the exception of the Tatted Baby Bonnet. I'm almost at the point where I have decided how to trim it, so I hope to have something more to show you soon. This particular handkerchief shown above is just fantastic! Look at all the detail. There is drawn thread work, surface embroidery, madiera applique, and a hand rolled hem! I can't imagine how many hours went into something made for blowing your nose into. I do apologize for my poor photography, I am trying to get better, honestly! The hanky is sitting on another piece of linen with a hemstitched hem; you can just see it in the lower middle to left hand corner.

I bought this piece at the same time as the Tatted Baby Bonnet. It is most likely a dresser scarf, measuring 18 inches by 47 inches. As you can see, the tatting on the right hand side is coming apart a bit. I hope to try to mend it by working a few buttonhole stitches to take the place of the tatted petal that has come apart.

Here is the other end of the same side, all pristine! What made me think that this is a table scarf instead of a tea towel is it has a relatively enormous length of 47 inches, and the fact that both ends are finished in the same way with the tatting. Tea towels are normally fancy on one end only. At least, that's what I have noticed, but I am by no means an authority on the subject.

Other notes:
As I mentioned earlier, I am coming to a point where I have figured out how to finish the Tatted Baby Bonnet, and I'll post on that this coming weekend. I'm also beginning some darling baby outfits for two grandnieces that are due to be born in the upcoming months. I'll share my progress with you, if you're interested, as I don't care if it is not a surprise to the moms. I don't think they even know that Auntie Cindy even has a blog.

Luckily, I have a five day weekend for Independence Day coming up, and I am taking July 5 as a vacation day, as I generally like to sit up late and watch fireworks on the Fourth. My employer is giving us Friday off as well, so I have a good block of time coming up to do some serious stitching!

Also, I have a new project coming up, which I need like I need a new hole in my head, but couldn't resist. Mary Corbet at NeedlenThread.com is having a Royal Persian Blossoms Stitch Along and I just had to join! So more on that later.

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