Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Old Linens II - Lefkara Linens?

Last week Mary Corbet wrote about some linens she had purchased that she suspected were Lefkara Linens on her NeedlenThread.com site. I left a comment that I had some similar linens and would post about them when I got some photos. Well, here's the post! The photos are a bit fuzzy, but not too terribly bad.  Several of the commenters on Mary's post wondered if this could be Hardanger, but look at the scrolls and circular motif on this one. Definitely not Hardanger, which is all blocks and straight lines. (Like I know anything about Hardanger). Don't you just love that hem?

This is a much simpler motif, with a similar hem.  I especially love the needlelace insert.

And here is a yet simpler motif with a much simpler hem. Wouldn't you know that I have several of these, but only one each of the first two?

So take a look at this quilt that I made and posted about last September. Notice that I cut up the fanciest of the pieces I had to incorporate into the quilt! Oh well, it still looks lovely. As I recall, there were some stains on the piece so it wasn't such a crime to cut it up.  When I buy some linens that have stains I generally soak them in detergent and oxygen bleach for a day or two before washing, and usually all the stains come out, but then some are pretty stubborn and these were no exception. I have to admit my photographic skills have improved quite a bit since I took that picture of the quilt.

Do you ever cut something up and wish you hadn't? I don't wish I hadn't, but still, I could have been a bit more education as to what I had in my possession.

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  1. I understand your comment about wishing you hadn't cut something up. But the way I look at it is, if I wasn't enjoying the item in its original state, but am now enjoying it in its second iteration, it's worth it.


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