Saturday, April 4, 2015

Purple and Pink Butterfly PJs

Now I shall attempt to make up for some of the time I've been away with a post or two on what I've been sewing/embroidering.

First of all, my granddaughter loved her PJs from Christmas 2014, which you can see if you follow this link.  So for this past Christmas I promised her another pair, but made out of this yellow butterfly print. But since she doesn't care for yellow all that much I told her that the butterflies were purple and pink. Add the glitter, and we have a winner!

Notice the puny little tree? We packed up the big one in the storage unit, so I bought a hall tree, set it on a small table, and put the tree quilt around it. No one complained.

I put a little label on the bottoms so she could tell which part goes to the back.

I machine embroidered her initials on the back facing, which I made extra deep like you see in nice women's nightgowns. I also did a reasonable job matching the pocket to the top, and a not so good job with the sleeve band. I didn't even try with the front bands as I ran out of fabric. I'll try again with the 2015 PJs, as it is such good practice.

The pattern is Simplicity 2771, recommended by Bunny of La Sewista! It is a great pattern with no collars to get rumpled. As Bunny says, who will iron PJs? Not my daughter, that's for sure. I might, though, as I do iron dish towels and sheets.


  1. You used my favorite jammie pattern! Yay! Great job and I love your idea about the long back facing. I will add that to the next batch I do. One of these days I will make myself a pair of jammies from this pattern. I love how it has all the sizes and is unixex too. Your grandaughter is adorable and just sparkles in her butterfly jammies. Nice work, Cynthia!

  2. They're delightful, and I'm sure she was as thrilled as she looks!


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