Saturday, April 18, 2015

Working a Clematis Petal

The last time I posted on the Rambling Clematis, I mentioned that each petal takes a few hours to stitch. So that got me to thinking, just how long does each one take? Starting with attaching the wire to the fabric I carefully timed myself while watching TV on the computer.

The buttonhole stitch working up the right side of the petal.

And down the left back to the base.

Starting to fill in the petal with long and short stitch.

Almost completed with long and short stitch.

The completed petal is the one in the center with darker floss lines and gold at the base. This was shot this morning so you can see how far I've progressed. Two petals complete, seven just missing the dark purple and gold, and four in work. The one petal I timed took 140 minutes, or 2 hours and 20 minutes! The project calls for 24 petals, not to mention several leaves and other bits. And this doesn't include cutting them out and attaching to the black silk ground fabric.

This is going to take quite a long time.


  1. Not a quick project then? LOL
    You are doing a great job :-)

  2. Definitely a time consuming project, but I'm sure it'll be worth it

  3. Not quick at all, but it will be gorgeous when it's finished!

  4. Well, one perspective is that you're getting a high ratio of stitching time vs. the cost of the kit. Good value!


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