Monday, April 27, 2015

Pink Robe is Finished!

Look at the eyelet tucks in the yoke seam, don't you just want to kick yourself when this happens?

But it was easily solved, I just folded the tuck down and sewed the snap over it. These snaps are huge, and bright, but it is all that was available at Joann's. The white snaps were just too tiny, and I didn't care for the ribbon option.

With the robe snapped shut, you can't even see the tuck underneath. Not the best solution, but it will serve.

The completed robe! She hasn't seen it yet, so I hope she likes it. Well, it is pink, so by definition she will like it. I had just enough lace for the sleeves, nice little bonus.

This pattern is easy to sew, and would be quick if I weren't so fussy. Instead of pressing the seams open, I pressed them to one side, triple zig zagged them, and trimmed. Then I topstitched the seams down. This looks so much more professional that the open seams in the instructions. I don't know why the patterns always call for seams that are pressed open. They look so sloppy. Also, that pin stitching on the eyelet took quite a while. I had to stop and rest my eyes several times from looking at that needle!

I don't know if this is the fault of the pattern or the fabric, but I was short a few inches. I purchased the correct amount for size 8, 3 yards, and washed and dried the fabric on hot to maximize any possible shrinkage. Since I didn't measure before and after, I don't know if the shortage is caused from the pattern or the fabric shrinking. I called my daughter and asked for my granddaughter's height, and it turned out that she is 3 inches (7.6 cm) shorter than the assumed height for size 8. So I was able to shorten the body of the robe and had plenty of fabric. I made a note on the envelope for next time, as I will probably make a summer version.

All together this took about 16 hours to make. If I were to make it strictly according to the instructions, I could probably shave off two or three hours. The best thing is that she now has a lovely robe that is impossible to buy in a store.

I managed to get a picture of her in it, it's a bit blurry but it is difficult to get a seven year old to pose properly.

This afternoon I am flying to California to be with Mr. California Stitching for a couple of weeks, so posts may be sketchy for a while. Also, I seemed to have scratched my right eye, so not much embroidery until it heals.


  1. I find that flannel shrinks a LOT, so that is probably the issue. And, it seems to keep shrinking with successive washes. But, you solved it beautifully, and she looks very happy with the result! I hope your eye will heal quickly!

  2. Beautiful robe and beautiful granddaughter. She seems quite well pleased with it, so it's another win for Grandma.
    Best of luck with a quick recovery in your eye.

  3. What a lovely project. I'm not surprised that you were compelled to add those extra steps to make the robe look more professional. Your pretty granddaughter might not recognize the time consuming details, but some day she will appreciate it.

  4. I'm sure the slight faults you see will not even register with your granddaughter. Rest the eye and be back refreshed in a couple of weeks!

  5. Great save and your grandaughter looks adorable in her pink robe.


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