Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Bit of Baby Sewing

My new grandson is now five weeks old and is growing fast. In fact, I made this swaddle blanket for him and he outgrew it at three weeks. It didn't help that he was a big baby, born at 8 lb 13 oz (4 kilos).    If you are not familiar with the concept, you put the baby in the little pocket in the center.

Then wrap the right side over the baby, then the left side, which fastens with velcro tabs, much like the diaper covers available for cloth diapers. Baby is then nice and snug, almost like it was in the womb. From what I've heard, swaddling is only really beneficial to babies under a month old, so he has now outgrown it both by age and size. Please realize that I am no authority on the subject of swaddling, so don't fault me for saying this. I will send this on to my niece, who is expecting a boy in October. 

For some reason, I had purchased several yards of this flannel, so I made two receiving blankets that are 44 inches (1.125 m) square that still fit him. I'm so glad I did, as he has outgrown all the newborn sized blankets. 

About ten years ago, when I was commuting from South Orange County (California) to North San Diego County (also California) for work, I passed by a lovely quilt/heirloom sewing shop called Sew Special. The shop is no longer in existence as the owner retired to spend more time with her own grandchildren. At the time I was hoping my daughter (and sons) would eventually get married and have babies, so I bought two quilt kits, one each in pink and blue. I assembled the pink quilt in 2004 when my granddaughter was born. 

Then just two months ago I assembled the blue version for the newest grandson. These are really simple, with squares of Minky, flannel, brushed cotton, and another fabrics. They are most certainly not heirloom quilts, but are the drag-in-the-mud type quilts that I hope will be loved. They are nice and sturdy and can withstand many washings.  


  1. I like your baby quilts very much. Anything that is kept and cherished is an heirloom. Who knows but they may become so!

  2. Dragged around by a besotted child is almost more satisfying than something that stays perfect - I hope that's what happens!

  3. How nice to finally be able to use that last kit and finish the blue quilt. I bet it felt good, and I'm sure it will be well loved. :D

  4. I wish I had known about that type of swaddling blanket when my grand daughter could have used it. It's a great idea. I will have to remember it for the next time (should there be another grand baby some where along the line?) .

    Both of the quilts have a beautiful simplicity and look comfy and safe and will become favourites much sooner then the fussy, labour intensive quilts that moms are often too afraid to use.


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