Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Smocked Nightgown II

Bridget's nightgown is finished, and now she just has to wait until the nights are a bit warmer to wear it. Here in Colorado, it still gets to 30℉ to 40℉ (-1℃ to 4℃) at night.

I made the smocking just a bit simpler than on the adult version, omitting two rows of trellis.

But here they are on the back.

The back facing with her initials so she'll easily know which is the back. I made up these initials a couple of years ago for her first set of pjs. This was a challenge, as I am temporarily living in an apartment in Loveland, Colorado. I brought my sewing machine and embroidery unit with me, but virtually all of my threads (including embroidery threads) are in a storage unit in Southern California, along with all of my hoops, interfacings, and fabric. Luckily, I entered all of my hoops in my sewing machine software, and have a complete list of all of the embroidery threads I own. So I was able to purchase a hoop that I didn't have (but still don't really need), and match the pink rayon thread to the DMC 602, the darker pink I used for smocking. As the pink rayon thread is one that I don't own, I was able to purchase it knowing that it will make a good addition to my thread inventory. I made sure to add it to my list of threads to make sure I don't buy it again.

Now on to another nursing nightgown for mama.


  1. Beautifully done - and a lovely monogram!

  2. This is beautiful, so romantic with the floral fabric and the hearts in the smocking. I'm sure she can't wait to wear it!

    I admire your organization, Cynthia. Buying the same thing twice is an ongoing risk for me!

  3. Che brava!!! Complimenti, รจ uno spettacolo. Baci

  4. Your smocking is Incredibly beautiful. It's hard to differentiate between the front and the back; a shame to cover up the back, even though the monogram is it's own work of art. What kind of a machine do you use?

    1. The smocking on the back is on the back of the nightgown, not the back of the front, and isn't covered. The facing with the initials cover the wrong side of the back, and there is a plain facing covering the wrong side of the front. The initials were stitched with my Husqvarna Viking Diamond Royale, and what a lovely machine it is!

    2. That tells you how much smocking I have done in my life. (I am humbled.) Your work is always incredibly beautiful and inspiring.


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