Thursday, April 23, 2015

Little Pink Robe

My granddaughter was so happy with her smocked nightgown that not only does she wear it practically every night, she asked for a robe to go with it. I chose Simplicity 1569, for several reasons. First of all, it is not a traditional wrap style robe, which I don't like at all. It is a pretty simple pattern, with no collar and only a simple tie at the front. And it has a nice PJ/Nightgown option which  I really like. I chose a nice pink flannel and eyelet edging, both from Joann's, and cut Version A in size 8.

As I usually do, I added a deep curve to the back facing. That white tape is paper tape from the medical supply section of the drugstore. It's much nicer to use than cellophane tape, as it doesn't shrivel when ironed and can be written upon. I always iron my paper patterns before laying out.

Then I embroidered her initials on the facing.

Although the flannel seems to be a fairly nice quality, the edgings, as usual, are not, as you can see by the somewhat rough appearance. The pattern called for flexible edging, but those available were pretty nasty synthetics, so I went with the cotton eyelet. Then I had to figure out how to apply it, especially around the curves. First, I folded and pressed the raw edge about 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) from the top of the embroidered part.

Then I basted the edging along the fold line 1/8 inch (.3 cm) from the finished edge. To get around the curves, I basted the edging before attaching to the fabric and eased it as I sewed it around the curves.

This is a shot of the edged folded back from the fabric finished edge.

Then I stitched a zig zag just to the plain side of the edging,

And trimmed it away close to the zig zag. Those duckbilled appliqué scissors sure do the job!

After folding the edging back to the original position, I pin stitched the folded edge of the eyelet, to give it a bit of an heirloom look. On the top is a pocket, which I stitched with a size 100 jeans needle, but the sample on the bottom was stitched with a size 120 needle. I used the 120 needle for all of the eyelet applied to the entire edge of the robe, as you can see the holes quite a bit better.

Next up, the completed robe.


  1. I am wondering why you make the back facing deeper and rounded, Cynthia. Isn't the back gathered onto the yoke like the fronts? I know you have a plan, so I am interested to see the finish!

    1. Monica,
      If you look at many high end women's nightgowns and pajamas, they often have the deep back facing, unless there is a yoke or it's gathered. I add it to these as an extra touch to give more room for the embroidered initials. This robe isn't gathered in the back.

  2. Thanks for the excellent tutorial. Now that I have a new granddaughter, I intend to start sewing clothes again (for her), and your beautiful workmanship is inspirational as well as educational.

    I love the use of the pin stitch finish on the eyelet. It will be another perfectly finished garment.


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