Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pink PJ's in Action

My granddaughter loved her new pink PJ's, which I described in the last post.  These weren't a Christmas present, so when we neared my daughter's house in Colorado last week I put the them on the top of my tote bag and brought them into the house. After an hour or so she saw them and immediately recognize the fabric that she had picked out and was thrilled to wear them. Note the matching tiara which was in her Christmas stocking.

Raggedy Ann and Andy are sitting together with the little doll's quilt I made. I didn't write about the quilt since it was such a rush job. Each block has a redwork machine embroidery design (done in green to match the back fabric, which is a green toile). The blocks were circles and made into Cathedral windows.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I wish Happy New Year to all of you! I hope to make some lists of projects to finish and new ones to start and will post that as soon as I get my head around them. Monica from Lakeview Stitching had a great idea of having WIP and Finishes pages on her blog, and I may do that as well. Maybe it will keep me more focused in the coming year. I certainly need it. One change that I'll make is that I'll post a new photo of myself. The cat has been gone for three years, and I look fairly different, having let all my grey hair grow out.

No stitching for me today, I'm making pumpkin ravioli for New Year's dinner.


  1. Hi Cynthia. Your granddaughter looks very regal and well pleased in her pink PJ's with matching tiara. The dolls with their quilt also look happy in their new home. You must be one very popular grandma!

  2. The pjs look great, and I hope she will get a lot of use from them. Thanks for the plug! Many people have Finishes pages, but you know me, I have a lot more WIPs than Finishes, so it seemed like a logical step.

    Raggedy Ann and Andy look very cozy now that they are reunited! Seams French is right, I'm sure your granddaughter looks forward to your visits!


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