Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome 2014!

I started this Blue and White Crocheted Afghan over three years ago, and have made up my mind to finish it as soon as possible. The squares have been sitting in the family room and my son even made some into a bed for the cat. That made me want to put it together and get it out of the house! This afghan is destined for my youngest son, who just finished his PhD in Physics from Yale early last year. The blue is close, but not quite "Yale Blue", but not a bad match. If you follow the above link you'll see I posted on this in May, 2011, which is a terribly long time ago.

I've put all the squares together and am furiously working on the edging. Here I'm on the third row which is now over half way complete. I got quite a bit of work done on it while watching Downton Abbey last night. It helped that it was a two hour show! Only one more row, a scalloped edge, then a quick wash to get out the cat hairs and off it goes. Only now, since I took away the cat's bed, I am being compelled to make something for him. I have a few odds and ends of yarn so we'll see.

Today is my semi-official start to the New Year. Yes, I know I'm a bit late, but during the past several years I've been waiting until the youngest goes back to Connecticut to start putting away Christmas decorations and otherwise really get going. We put him on a plane yesterday (sniff) so now, at least for me, the New Year is starting.

What will I be doing, stitching wise, in 2014? I have a whole list of projects that I put together and will be posting them along with photos in the "Ongoing Projects and Finishes" page of the blog. It's a pretty ambitious list and I hope that putting them all out there for everyone to see will keep me motivated to work on and actually finish them. I've also updated my Reading/Listening and About Me pages, if you're interested.

To all of you in the Midwest and Northeast: Keep Warm and stay in! Our high will be 77 F, which is just wrong in January. We are in the third year of a drought, and the temps aren't helping.

Happy New Year to all of you and I hope that you can find some time each week to work on your stitching!


  1. Oooh, I love Downton too. Of course it's all finished here until September, but I can watch the so-called Christmas Special again this month...

    Nah! You're not late with your goals etc. My maxim is 'The best time to start afresh is: Right now!' OK, I'm going to have a look now...

  2. Since we are both on the Pacific Coast, we must have been tuned in to Downton Abbey at the same time last night. Alas, I was not knitting or stitching. I took the night off and watched the ladies of the manor display their latest fashions.

    BTW, great new profile picture!

  3. It must be so satisfying to have the Afghan finished - well done!

  4. 77F, grumble, grumble, grumble.

    Congratulations on getting this project back on track! I'm sure it would have been well appreciated today, if it is as cold there as it is here. It is nice to tie up some loose ends!

  5. Whatever your projects this year - have fun!
    Happy New year :-)

  6. ciao cinzia...ho visitato un po' il tuo blog e sono rimasta affascinata! sei bravissima e molto varia nei tuoi lavori...questo mi fa pensare che sei una creativa a 360 gradi...ti metterò nei miei blog preferiti...buon anno con nuovi progetti

  7. Dear Cynthia,
    I am impressed with your embroidery with Celtic pattern on the blanket. It's beautiful. I keep my fingers crossed for the rapid completion of it. Threads and manner of performance is worthy of admiration and imitation.
    I'm glad I found you on the web blogs and I admire your beautiful work.
    Yours very sincerely and wish you a Happy New Year 2014


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