Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's One of those Relationships

I'm definitely developing a love/hate relationship with the Celtic Hearts Blanket. Remember how I ran out of several of the threads, and ordered more just to finish the project and to make some additions? Well, look at the above photo. The Colourstreams Exotic Lights that I ordered is substantially different from what came in the kit over four years ago. The new threads, on the right, are very much less shiny than the original. Which means I can't just substitute the new threads in the embroidery.

This is a shot of the buds made with the original Exotic Lights, with the needle pointing to one made of the new threads. Completely different! The original Exotic Lights is bright and shiny, the new version is dull and flat looking. See the empty green stems? They need buds, and I'm completely out of the original threads. I need about seven or eight buds to finish the design.

As it turns out, I made two sets of the spider web roses using the original Exotic Lights. There are four sets on the blanket so I decided to try the roses using the new threads. This photo is of the original roses.

It's acceptable. Not great, but acceptable. Which means I can carefully cut out the roses with the original threads and use them for the rest of the buds. Out of each rose that I cut out, I can get three or four buds from the strand of thread. With the buds are completed, and I'm adding the leaves with silk ribbon.This leaves me with a dilemma. I purchased the extra Exotic Lights with the intent of adding a single heart to each corner. The hearts would be embroidered in a chain stitch using the DMC Wool, then adding the double Pekinese interlacing with the Exotic Lights. But with this newer, non shiny threads, the hearts would look substantially different than the center embroidery. And I know I won't like it. Maybe I'll add a set of spider roses to each corner, with some green stems, buds and leaves. I'll have enough of the original Exotic Lights for at least two buds in each corner.  I'll have to think on it for a bit, and please, any suggestions you may have will be welcome!


  1. Wow, they are not the same thread at all, are they? I have two thoughts. One, that it could be ok to use the duller thread around the edges, with the shiny thread in the middle. Then it draws your eye to the main motif. Two, if as long as you do the same element in the same thread all the way around, no one will ever know there were substitutions. It may look like you planned it that way all along!

    It is a beautiful project, so it will be worth all the hassle!

  2. Oh, my God, this is actually a different color. And so I waited for the completion of the project. I think that it is worthwhile to add something to each theme of the new thread. And so it will be a beautiful Celtic blanket.
    Yours very nice and warm

  3. Oh I am so sorry. That is so disappointing to be so close and yet so far away. Another option would be to try and shop around for someone who has some "old stock" of the threads. It is a beautiful project and I look forward to seeing it finished.

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  5. Have you asked on FB? There is a great, friendly Heirloom Sewing & Smocking page administered by Laurie Andrson.

  6. first of all, your stitching is beautiful. I understand the frustration on not getting enough threads with a kit. I just wrote my post for Needlequest, I've had to start an almost complete project completely from scratch because they didn't give me enough threads...

  7. Grrrrrr, I hate that...... That is why I stick to whatever floss etc is available to me locally, and avoid kits. When I was learning to embroider as a teen, I hated having to hunt down one more skein of a specific dye lot or whatever for a kit, and finding out that the dye lot was no where to be found, or was manufactured several years ago, and so forth. I have never bought a kit that included enough floss, so I gave up on them after about four years. I don't personally have any help to offer, but hope you can work something out. It would be a shame to be unable to finish something so lovely over ONE bundle of floss. If I was in your shoes, i'd be on the phone or email, grumping at the producers of the kit and the "not even close color and texture" floss manufacturer.


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