Thursday, May 5, 2011

TV Project - Crocheted Afghan

Even though I prefer to spend hours alone up in my sewing room working, often I'll watch TV or sit on the patio with my husband. It's especially nice to sit on the patio and watch all the birds, bees and butterflies going about their business. For these times, I need a project that doesn't take much concentration, light or many thread changes to work on. So I decided to make a crocheted afghan for my youngest son after seeing the yarn on sale at Joann's Fabrics. In January, practically all yarn is on sale throughout the month. After looking at all the yarns for what seemed like hours, I finally settled on Patons Classic Wool in colors Arran and New Denim. This is a washable wool, but requires drying flat (which I very much doubt my son will do, he will probably just throw it in the dryer).

I have 48 squares of the Arran complete,

and 39 of the new Denim, with only nine more to go.  The squares patterns are from the Bernat Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along held on the Bernat blog last fall. I worked the Arran in Clue #6, a shell stitch square, and the New Denim in Clue #3, a V-stitch square. I'm using an I/9 crochet hook and found I had to make the V-stitch squares a bit bigger, starting with 28 chains instead of the 25 in the instructions and adding two extra rows. You can see from the first photo I'll have a bit of blocking to do as they don't quite match up! I plan on adding the Clue #10 edging all around it. You can still download all of the clues to make the afghan, or just pick and choose which ones you prefer as I'm doing.

Now for the credit: I didn't think this one up myself, but got the idea from Mary Grace on her Hooked on Needles Blog when she joined the Crochet-Along (or CAL, as they call it). Here is her last post on it, and you can see it all finished and ready to be sent off to the lucky recipient. Also, check out the Bernat's Flickr page where many who participated in the CAL posted all their finished afghans. It's quite a variety of colors.

Soon this will be finished and I'll have to find a new project!


  1. I love the colours you've chosen & hope you post a picture when it's finished - the squares look great. Must check the CAL out...

  2. The afgan will look gorgeous in these two colours and its a lovely block too.


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