Saturday, May 14, 2011

Embroidered Blue Baby Dress 2

While I'm plugging away on the Chinese Flower Garden Project, I will try to keep you entertained with either some earlier projects or my London Vacation textile related photos. This is another Old Fashioned Baby pattern from Jeannie Baumeister.

The fabric is blue satin batiste with ecru embroidery, and it certainly looks old fashioned. The embroidery is very simple, just feather stitching with bullion roses using one strand of either DMC or Anchor ecru floss.

The bonnet pattern is different, and I may have played around with it a bit, adding lots of feather stitching. 

But the real reason I made the dress was to go with this slip. It's from a class I took at a SAGA convention several years ago. In it, Jeannie showed us how to take a standard slip pattern and draft the changes to add fullness with the gathers. This is called a Gertrude slip, and I'm sure there is a reason, but I can't remember it. The neck and armholes are finished with a shell edge by hand, but the side seams and lace were added by machine. Again, very simple and sweet embroidery.

Jeannie will be teaching at the SAGA Convention in Anaheim, California in October this year. I have signed up to take a two day class from her. She's a popular teacher, and her classes fill up fast!


  1. just beautiful! A Gertrude slip is different from other slips; it buttons at the shoulders.

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