Saturday, May 7, 2011

SAGA Convention in California - Update

I've just registered for the SAGA Convention to be held this fall and want to show you the photos of the projects. The first is by Jeannie Baumeister and called Rosebuds and Hemstitched OFB Dress (OFB stands for Old Fashioned Baby, the name of Jeannie's company). It will be in blue linen with white laces, sized infant to 6 months. The class will cover two days to really learn the hemstitch and bullion rosebuds. I'm not too bad on the bullions, but I can certainly use the time learning the hemstitch.

This class is by Suzie Gay and will the first time I've ever taken a class from her. It's a padded hanger cover and will be useful for using up scraps to make hangers to match special dresses. Suzie is very talented (well, all the teachers are, or they wouldn't be teaching!) and has won design contests in the past.

This is a Schwalm Heart Needlebook by Claudia Newton. A few years ago I took a class from her when she visited our local chapter and she showed us a beautiful baby bonnet made with this heart on it. The bonnet would be too long for a class so she made it into a needle book using Ulster handkerchief linen. I've never done any Schwalm work before, and it certainly is beautiful!

This is also by Claudia, and is just the ticket for a short, three hour class. It's a darling little bookmark with some simple embroidery. 

As I've mentioned several times before, the SAGA Convention will be held in Anaheim, California, less than 20 miles from where I live. I haven't gone to a Convention in several years so this will be a great deal of fun. I wold like to get a few of my older projects finished before I start all these new ones.


  1. I look forward to meeting you. I registered an hour after the "gates" opened and already one of my first choices was filled! I'm pleased I had great second and third choices as well. Should be a good convention.
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  2. I am looking forward to seeing you there!


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