Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chinese Flower Project Lesson 4 Finished

Lesson 4 is complete! This one was difficult. Not the leaves, as I had already stitched three of them, but the lanterns were very curved. Those are the acorn shaped things on the lower left. I had to make much shorter stitches and make 1 1/2 rows. I also checked the finished photograph every few stitches to make sure I was getting the stitching right. But they seemed to come out reasonably well.

Our teacher, Trish Burr, has this planned out quite well, as we started with reasonably easier elements and are now into more difficult pieces what with all the curves. Next up is the kingfisher in two lessons, and I have a bit of trepidation about it. It looks fairly difficult, but Trish says not to worry, that it's actually easier. The stitches can be placed much more casually so they resemble feathers.


  1. You're doing an extraordinary job, Cynthia! I've done similar, thread-painted projects & know the care that goes into making leaves, feathers, etc. natural looking. I have Trish's lilac-breasted roller kit, and you inspire me to get started on it! Looking forward to your progress on the bird....


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