Thursday, April 14, 2011

Silver Swirls Completed

I completed the Silver Swirls project and want to share some observations about it. I found that when adding the bright check purl, it helps to run the piece of purl down to the base of the thread next to the fabric, then pull the thread through. This enables you to place it precisely where you want it. Now this may seem pretty obvious, but as I'm new to goldwork, it wasn't to me.

And here it is, all finished and waiting to be framed!

So, what are the likes and dislikes?

It was a pretty simple project, in fact, maybe a bit too simple.  Our class was 5 hours long, and I'm used to the 6 hours we generally have for classes here in the US (and Australia). I would have liked something a bit more challenging. Still, the class was enjoyable and taught by a very capable and engaging teacher. This class had the basics, some thread shading, couching and using pearl purl and the bright check purl, so it did cover several new techniques. I learned quite a bit, and am now ready to break out a goldwork project that I've had waiting in the wings (for a couple of years now), the Golden Pomegranate from Inspirations Issue No. 61, back in early 2009/late 2008. Mary Corbet from worked this kit and posted about it, and so will I some time in the not so distant future.

In all, it was a fun class that I enjoyed very much, and am looking forward to trying my hand at more goldwork.  Next I'll write about Lesson 2 of the Chinese Flower Project.


  1. Lovely! It will always remind you of a very special trip and class!

  2. So fancy Cynthia! That will look nice framed.


  3. Its very pretty. I have never stitched with these sorts of products.

  4. This is lovely! I haven't seen this type of work before.

  5. this is beautiful work Cynthia


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