Sunday, April 24, 2011


I had high hopes for getting in several hours of stitching yesterday, and I did! I managed to reach this stage, with the lightest color, Anchor 1011 on the tip of the main petal, and a few stitches of the next color, Anchor 6 in to show stitching guidelines. The instructions said to stitch two rows of 1011, which I did, but when I looked at it I realized I needed another row to give it the proper depth. Two rows are required when graduating from a fairly wide area to a narrower on. So I added a third row, but didn't like it one bit.  I got up, walked around, worked in the garden a bit, then came back to the sewing room and decided to rip all the stitching out.

I took my trusty seam ripper, ripped through all those lovely stitches, and took them all out carefully with tweezers. Extremely frustrating, but I feel as though I've done the right thing. I want this to look good! After all, why bother to take a course and have your work evaluated if it isn't the best you can do? I managed to get the stitches out with minimum damage to the fabric, dabbed a bit of water on it, and will let it sit overnight. I hope the water will relax the fibers and close up any stitching holes that may linger. If I get some time to work on it today, I'll post the much better looking (I hope!) stitching.


  1. Suerte, ya veras como ahora te queda mejor y has aprendido una valiosa leccion. Besos, Estrella

  2. I agree I would have done the same thing too. You are doing a wonderful job. Hope the stitching goes more smoothly for you next time you sit down to it.


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