Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chinese Flower Project Lesson 1

Upon our return from London I found a Post Office form in the stacks of mail that had accumulated informing me to pick up a package. It was the kit from Trish Burr's online correspondence course. Finally! I have to admit, this is the most professional kit I've ever purchased. Look at the book - it's covered beautifully with a photo of the project and it's even bound. Usually the instructions are just stapled.  And notice the extra photo on the left. This is an accurate photo of the project so we can see what the colors should look like.

This is a close up of the design printed on the fabric. Everything came neatly packaged in plastic, with not a wrinkle in it!

And here is my jumble of threads. Trish worked this project using Anchor threads, but gave us a conversion to DMC threads. As I have all of the DMC threads I could have used them, but I decided to go ahead and get the Anchor threads as this is a learning experience for me. As I mentioned in a previous post, I drove to Laguna Beach, only about 20 minutes away, and purchased the threads in a lovely shop called Strands and Stitches, right on Pacific Coast Highway. What a nice excuse to visit the beach!

I also purchased Trish's DVD and watched it, and hope to make a start on Lesson 1 this week. We have to stitch the rose buds and leaf in the top left hand corner. I still haven't decided whether to mount it in my large sit-upon hoop or in a frame.


  1. Yes, it looks a tophole kit!

    I use Anchor! Great to see it being promoted internationally.=) good Anglo-German co-operation, Anchor is - just like my little family! (DH is German!)

  2. Wow, Cynthia, that is so pretty! I hope you'll post progress pictures now and then. Any plans for the finished piece?


  3. Its truely a wonderful kit. I have never purchased kits before but to have everything barr the threads arrive in auch a wonderfully presented way is a marvel. I use mainly DMC threads but have quite a few Anchor in my thread box and have had no trouble using this thread at all. I converted the robin that I did from Inspirations mag and found it hard going in some parts because I couldn't just look up to see what colour went in what section. You have made a wise choice not using the conversion I think. Cant wait to see lesson one completed.


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