Friday, April 8, 2011

Chinese Flower Project Lesson 1 Progress

It's Friday night and I've survived my first week back to work after vacation, and was it ever brutal!  It's too bad I really need that day job to feed the stitching habit, and the eating habit, and the roof over the head habit, well, you get the idea.  So here is my progress to date on Lesson 1 of the Chinese Flower Project. I have completed the flower buds and am making good progress on the sepals. I am not entirely satisfied with the shading of the larger bud and have positioned the needle to show you. I will add a few more stitches of the darkest color to blend in a bit better. 

Here is the very same view, with the needle pointing (or stabbing!) the leaf. Stitching this will complete Lesson 1. Well, I do have a bit more shading to add to the center sepals first. Then I'll take a photo and send it off to Trish, our teacher, for her critique. I hope it's not too bad!

And now some advice for all you young moms out there: teach your children to cook! I know, this is not embroidery related. But my son is home from work and is cooking, so the most intriguing aromas are drifting up to the computer room as I write this.  It's time to go see what's up in the kitchen.

I should be able to finish Lesson 1 on Saturday and make some progress on the RSN goldwork project. At least I certainly hope so!


  1. Looking good so far and I agree it is very important to teach our children to cook and experiment a little in the kitchen.


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