Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chinese Flower Project Lesson 4 Progress

I've finished the last two leaves which are part of Lesson 4 of the Chinese Flower Project. It's really coming along nicely. These two leaves are similar in color to the sepals of the buds, and completely different from the previous three leaves. These had a more dusty color to them. Next up are the two little nut shaped things, which are called lanterns. Why, I have no idea. After that, I tackle the kingfisher in the last two lessons.

And no, I didn't get up at 3 am yesterday morning to watch the Royal Wedding, but I did spend a considerable amount of time watching the videos on the computer. What a spectacle it was! It was nice to see the interior of Westminster Abbey and realize we had just been there a month ago.


  1. This is just beautiful. Your stitching is perfect. Great job.

  2. It is coming along beautifully. I love getting on here and seeing how you are going with it.


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