Saturday, July 31, 2010

Progress on the Counted Cross Stitch Biscornu

I've been laid low with a cold this week (in July no less!) so I haven't wanted to stitch anything that is too terribly demanding. I stayed home from work for two days, but went in on Friday, which was a big mistake. I left early and came home for a nice nap. This evening I've managed to break two different glass bottles on the kitchen floor (I have tile), and it's now time to leave the kitchen for several hours and get some rest. For this same reason I've left the dresses, June Baby and Bullion Wrap Dress pretty much alone, and have concentrated on the Biscornu borders. These are fairly repetitive, and therefore, somewhat mindless and easy to follow.

OK, enough blather and on with the stitching!

I have finished the borders of the crown side of the biscornu. You can see the double row of four sided stitch all around the piece. It is still a bit puckered but I hope it will not show once I get the pillow constructed.

I have just started the second border on the date side of the biscornu, so have quite a ways to go.  On my post on July 14, I said that I would try to finish the borders in four weeks, so I am well on my way to my goal!

As I have mentioned before, this is my first attempt at any kind of counted cross stitch, and here I am using silk threads on 40 count linen. I think I must have been mad at attempting this! But it is coming out fairly well, if I do say so myself. the only really noticeable errors are in the green outer border, and it's not too terribly bad.

I cannot wait to finish this as it has really been a challenge for me.

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