Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Counted Cross Stitch Biscornu - Continuing the Border

Right now I'm stalled a bit waiting for my daughter to give me granddaughter measurements so I can put together the June Baby dress. While waiting, I've been working on the Cross Stitch Biscornu borders, and boy are they boring!

I have finished the first row of four sided stitch around the edge of the "crown" side of the piece. Since it is a pulled thread stitch, the piece looks a bit puckered on the edges. But I think it won't show once it is assembled and stuffed. After all, a biscornu is a pillow. On the left side I have made a start on the second row of four sided stitch. This is going much, much faster than the first row.

With this view from the back you can see why. I cut the excess fabric so that only three threads worth of fabric were left so that the second row enclosed the cut edge of the fabric. With only one thickness of fabric on the bottom of the row, and the holes already created by the first row, this is really zipping along.

I also trimmed the fabric from the date side, folded it back, and started on the first row of the (very slow) four sided stitch.

On my last post on this project, back in late May, I was just starting the border on the crown side. That was six weeks ago! So I'll make a goal for myself, to get all the borders done in the next four weeks.  That may be asking a bit much, but I'll give it a go!

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  1. This will look wonderful when put together. I'm afraid my pet hate is counted cross st work. Have never really enjoyed doing it. Maybe I should be prepared to give it another go.


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