Friday, July 2, 2010

Working on June Baby

By an odd scheduling quirk at my job, we managed to get a four day weekend, with our Independence Day Holiday on Monday, and today, Friday, off as well. Last night I finished the scallops around the sleeve trim and the collar pieces, which meant I need to do some prep work before I could do any more work on the dress.

This is actually the violet cotton organdy, the same fabric as the sleeve trim and the collar. I marked the scallops all along the length of it, but then decided that I wanted to cut out the entire dress first. I want to know exactly what the finished circumference of the dress will be before I start embroidering the scallops on the hem trim.

I marked off the back pieces of the dress on the linen, then realized I would want to finish sewing the back pintucks first.

These tiny pintucks are very easy, but they need to be marked exactly. Then I creased each group of four, and sewed them in with a tiny running stitch only 2 threads away from the fold. You can see in the previous post how they will look. They are in the first picture in the upper left. Once washed and ironed, they will look much better.

Working on this dress today has been somewhat frustrating. My sewing room is becoming so disorganized I am having to step over projects on the floor to get to where I want to go. Then I lost the needle pack that came with the kit, and still haven't found it after searching for over 10 minutes. I also lost the cap to the marking pen, but eventually found it. I can sit and sew for quite a while, but at some point I have to get up to move around to get the kinks out of my back and hands. You can be sure I'll be putting things away when I do. I may even uncover forgotten projects to write about.

It's now Friday morning, we'll see how much I get done this weekend, what with the Fourth and various errands to run.

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  1. Can't wait to see your finished dress. Happy fourth of July!


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