Sunday, July 25, 2010

Altering the Purple Tote Bag

You may remember the Purple Tote Bag I made for my mom back in May. She actually uses it, unlike the Embroidered Stumpwork Bag I had made a few years ago. Since she uses a walker, the bag hits the floor and gets banged around by the wheels.

So I shortened the bag by several inches. This will make it much easier for her to handle and to get things into and out of it.

With the leftover strap fabric I made a tiny pouch, big enough for a few bills but small enough to fit into a small pocket. I did promise to make some accessories with the leftover fabric, so at least this is a start.

Since I forgot to take a picture of the tote bag with the zippered pocket extended, here it is.

This is such a nice bag, I'll need to make one for myself! However, my granddaughter is coming in less than a month and I still need to finish June Baby and the Bullion Wrap Dress, so the bag will have to wait.

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  1. Great idea Cynthia! Isn't that the greatest bag? I just love mine and use it all the time. So glad your mom likes it.

    Your little pouch is so cute too, and practical!



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