Friday, June 25, 2010

Bullion Wrap Dress Kit Arrived

Yesterday I received the second kit in the Wendy Schoen Embroidery Club for 2010, the Bullion Wrap Dress.

As usual, it is beautifully packaged. The gray and white envelope on the right contains the instructions and the pattern, a size 3. The pink package on the left contains the kit materials. Looks like the packers forgot the mini skein of floche.

The fabric is a white cotton tiny pique, the elastic and snaps are for the panties, and all the needles are included on the cute rhino shaped felt. All of Wendy's needles come in some cute pattern. We had a choice of the color combination, either pink, blue, or yellow. I chose pink, as I seem to make a lot of blue dresses. Look at the buttons in the center, those are mother of pearl buttons in a butterfly shape. In my last post I complained that I used butterfly buttons on the back of the dress. These go on the shoulder straps, so they probably don't need to be worked so much. It's hard to see in the picture of the dress on the link, but the neckline, sleeves, and hem are all worked in scalloped buttonholes. Notice that the fabric is completely plain. All of the color comes from working bullions on the dress. This is really going to be a job! But, I'll certainly build my skills with this. 

If you remember from my posts on the Shirley Temple Dress, I had a bit of trouble with the scalloped buttonhole edging. I think this will be easier just because the dress doesn't have all those seams in it. But I will be much more careful on transferring the pattern and outlining the scallops. Having a nice, precise pattern will certainly aid placing the stitches correctly.

I won't start on the dress this weekend, as I'm off to Santa Barbara for Stitching Serenity X, and will write about it when I return.

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