Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Counted Cross Stitch Biscornu - Starting on the Border

I have finished the alphabet on the second side of the Counted Cross Stitch Biscornu.

I really like the Algerian Eye Stitch used in the alphabet, but since each letter is so big, I could only get to U, so we're missing a few on this side. The first size has the almost the whole alphabet, missing only J and U (or V, can't tell which). The photo of the first side is on the first post.

As you can barely see in this photo, I have managed to get almost three quarters of the way around the whole design. This is a terrifically boring part of the project, as it entails working a triple back stitch over four threads. The other parts of the project were so much more interesting because I could get a section done and have a sense of accomplishment. That's hard to do with a border. Next I'll fold down the edge right on the pulled stitch line, then work more of the pulled backstitches. So it will be a while before I post again on this project. I can only stand working on this part so long, and then I'll have the other side to do, too!

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