Monday, September 5, 2011

A Very Little Labor Day Stitching

Today is Labor Day in the US, and the last day of my four day weekend (I had Friday off due to my work schedule). I didn't get much stitching done at all.  In fact, I never even went into my sewing room on Friday.  I did manage to put The Golden Pomegranate back into the hoop and get a bit done on it. I took it out two weeks ago before leaving on vacation to keep the hoop marks at a minimum. When I last left this, I had stitched the left skin portion. This weekend I managed to get the right skin and the crosshatched pulp finished. See how the left skin is a bit flat on the outer side? I just noticed it today and did it ever annoy me.

I filled it out a bit and I feel much better about it. It's nice and rounded now.  Isn't it a bit silly how something can be so annoying and get fixed with just one thread's thickness?  I also managed to embroider four leaves. Only eight more leaves to go and I can then start on the goldwork. I just love stitching with silk threads, but am really looking forward to working with the gold materials on this project.

So why didn't I get much stitching done this weekend? Part of the reason is that we were gardening. Look what we planted - a pomegranate tree! I can't wait for it to bear fruit, as pomegranates seem so California to me. Probably because when we were young we would go to Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park where there were pomegranate trees all along one of the walkways. I haven't been there in decades so I have no idea if they're still around.  And yes, I do know that they are not native to North America but came from the Caucasus and Himalayas.

Time to get back to stitching, maybe I can get another leaf done before dinner!


  1. That's great progress, Cynthia! The red stitching takes a long time to get it right, doesn't it? I like how Margaret thought about the direction of the light and where the highlights should go. I had the same feeling about the gold threads--anxious to get to them!

  2. Beautiful so far. It is wonderful to see your work evolve. We also planted a pomegranite tree last year and hope that it might fruit for us this year.

  3. The pomegranate's looking great, Cynthia! I love this project!

    A POMEGRANATE tree!!! I'm so excited for you! When I was growing up (in California, until I was 7) I remember a pomegranate orchard that we used to visit. Friends' neighbors, or something like that... we used to pick 'em, and then pick 'em apart!



  4. Beautiful stitching of the 'skin'! Lovely and shiny.


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