Sunday, September 25, 2011

Floral Glove Encore

I can't believe what I've just done. I've gone and registered for the Floral Glove Needle Case over on the Thistle Threads Online University. With all the various projects that I am now working and have coming up over the next month, I went and added another. I'm getting addled. But whenever I read another embroidery blog describing working on this, I kept kicking myself for not signing up for it. So, we'll take it month by month and see where it goes. It doesn't start until November 1 so I have a bit of time yet.

The others who took this class, as far as I know, are Coral-Seas at Threads Across the Web, who finished her project just last month. The only other one I know of is Mary Corbet at NeedlenThread. If you follow the link you will go to her last known post of this project, at least the last one that I know about. I follow her pretty closely so I think I would have remembered if she finished the project. 

Has anyone else out there taken this class? Have you finished it, or just put it down and went on to something else? If so, maybe reading my posts once I start will inspire you to finish it!


  1. I don't think you will regret signing on for this class. I learnt a great deal from it. Each lesson is easily doable within a month, if your schedule allows for it :-)

    Rachel of VirtuoSew Adventures has also completed the Glove.

  2. I signed up for the glove class too - can't wait! I am also taking the encore of the Goldwork Masterclass, which started August 1. I'm almost done with the silkwork for the background of the sampler on the goldwork class - I wanted to have time to focus on the glove class when it starts, and will just have the goldwork on the sampler to do each month. I plan on signing up for her gentleman's cap class as well.

    I've never taken actual embroidery classes before, though I've embroidered for 40 years (I started when I was 4!). So I'm treating these all as actual classes, and learning to manage my time alot better. Yesterday I did 12 hours of queen stitch on the sampler!

    Mary Martin
    Houston, TX


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