Friday, September 16, 2011

Some Found Bonnets


I'm still going through my granddaughter's baby clothes that I have in storage and found these bonnets and just had to share them with you. This is from Jeannie B's Old Fashioned Baby Bonnets pattern. As I made it just for the the fun of it there is no corresponding daygown. It was pretty quick and easy to sew, having no embroidery just the Swiss insertion and lots of lace.

This bonnet, however, belongs to the Heirloom Potpourri Daygown by Claudia Newton. I was so glad to find this as I was afraid it had been lost. The class that I took when I made the dress didn't include the bonnet, but I bought some extra fabric and made it, probably from a Jeannie B. pattern. She has so many bonnet patterns and I have so many of her patterns! I have to say I love them all and will probably fill out my collection at the SAGA convention next month.

Close up of the stitching and embroidery on the top of the bonnet. The Point de Paris stitching here is all done by machine, both for the Madiera applique and the lace insertion. I did cut away the fabric from behind the lace. You can't see it here because I put a ball of polyester stuffing inside the bonnet so it would photograph better. Too bad I didn't get the photo of the baby in it.

It's Friday afternoon and I'll be sorting out more baby clothes this weekend, hoping to find some other items that haven't yet surfaced. By the way, my newest grandniece was born last Thursday, she and mom are doing well. My brother is just tickled pink to be a grandpa.

I hope to have some progress on the Golden Pomegranate to show you soon. It's coming along very slowly, but I'll tell you about that later.


  1. Gorgeous bonnets. I really do admire your heirloom sewing. Have a lovely time sorting.

  2. Beautiful bonnets! I'd love to find such treasure hidden away. I hope you have more grandbabies to wear these!

  3. Such sweet bonnets! They are one of my favorite things to make. I especially enjoy using the OFB pattern that you used in the first photograph. Have fun sorting through your pretties!

  4. Just love all the bonnets. I'm wishing I could attend convention and we could meet each other. Maybe one day.

  5. Oh, Cynthia, these are just breathtaking! There is nothing sweeter than a baby in a smocked or heirloom bonnet. And no baby would outshine one wearing one of your creations.

  6. how fun to discover these and just look and look while remembering!!
    they are beautiful!! I love bonnets!


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