Thursday, September 22, 2011

Resources for Beginner's Embroidery

A friend of mine recently asked where she could find some beginner's embroidery kits. She wants everything included, as she is new to embroidery and doesn't know where to start. So here is a list, by no means exhaustive, of embroidery kit resources for beginners.


The Wooly Thread in Yakima, WA have several crewel kits from Wool and Hoop in Texas and which are perfect for a beginner. The kits contain everything needed to complete the project, including printed fabric, threads, needle, and even blank greeting card.
Tristan Brooks Designs in Memphis, TN has the darling Newbury Smalls that I posted about last year (and will do so again soon). These kits are well suited for beginners, but be wary of the amounts of threads given. When I worked on the Elizabethan Pencil Box I practically ran out of thread. No room for error in these kits!

Needlework Corner in Carbondale, IL, carries many kits from beginners to advanced, and also has types of kits not commonly seen, such as Swedish Huck Weaving and Japanese Sashiko embroidery. 

Cross Stitch:

I'm not really much into cross stitch, having only worked a couple of projects, but Herrschner's and Joann's online store all carry huge assortments of kits from beginner to advanced.


1-2-3 Stitch in Bluffdale, UT, has all sorts of embroidery projects, but be careful, many don't include the floss. They do have a wonderful selection of floss, including Anchor, Weeks Dye Works, Caron, Threadworx, and many more. Online only.

Keepsake NeedleArts in Center Harbor, NH, has a bit of several different forms of embroidery, including crewel, cross stitch, silk ribbon, and candlewicking, just to name a few.  This is a sister company to Keepsake Quilting, which is very near and dear to thousands of quilters. It seems to be online only, but as I haven't been to the Keepsake Quilting store to see if they have embroidery kits in stock, I can't be sure.

Nordic Needle in  Fargo, ND, specializes in Hardanger, Brazilian Embroidery and Silk Ribbon Embroidery. They also have Trish Burr needle painting kits, but these don't have the floss!

Thistle Threads in Boston area, MA, specialized in historical techniques and has several kits for sale. The Needlework Nibbles, however, are limited edition and with the exception of the Tulip Slip are completely sold out. You can see my attempt at the Tulip Slip here. Online only.

Wendy Schoen Design in New Orleans, LA has kits in several different techniques, including cutwork, Madiera applique, shadow work, and white work. Virtually all of her kits work into some sort of baby garment, such as a dress, bibs, etc. All of her materials are exquisite.

Old Fashioned Baby in Baton Rouge, LA, also has kits that work into a baby garment. Of course they do, with that title! As with Wendy Schoen Design, all materials are very high quality and wonderful to use.

Goldwork, etc.:

Tanja Berlin, in British Columbia, Canada, has the most amazing goldwork, blackwork and needlepainting kits that she designs and teaches. Many of the kits are suitable for beginners and all come with free email advice as you are working the kit. Online only.

As I mentioned, this is by no means exhaustive, but will give the beginner a good source of suppliers for complete kits.


I need to point out that I receive no money or gifts from any of these companies. I have ordered from many of them and like their products and customer service. The others I have encountered while searching around on the internet.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Those are some great sources, Cynthia. For cross stitch, there is also European Cross Stitch in Las Vegas . They carry a lot of designer kits that are hard to find elsewhere and have great customer service.

  2. Yes! Nice list. Thanks Cynthia. For folks who live in the Nortwest U.S. they may want to try Julie's Cross Stitch. Julie is a small-volume shop but gives excellent personalized service and has a very big selection of cross stitching supplies.
    -Carrey K.


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