Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Project - The Golden Pomegranate

I had a few hours on Sunday to spare so I started a new project, the Golden Pomegranate by Margaret Cobleigh. This is a kit from an Inspirations magazine, No. 61, published in 2009.  I managed to trace the design on the silk and cut out the felt and stitch the pieces onto the fabric. You can see that the left red piece is a bit narrow, but I'll cover that with stitching and the gold threads.

The kit comes with all the materials shown above. Look at those gold threads! Won't this be fun to play with? The floss is all Au ver a Soie, Soie d'Alger, which I just love to embroider with. There are also, red and gold beads and spangles for even more bling.

Many of you may recall that Mary Corbet of NeedleThread stitched this project in October 2008, and it came out beautifully. She gave it away as a bridal gift, but so far I plan to keep mine. But we'll see.

I did manage to cover the left skin before having to quit as we leave for vacation in a few hours. I took the project out of the hoop, spritzed the fabric lightly with water to relax the hoop marks, and covered it with some fabric to protect it while we're away.

I really want to get this finished in September. You see, I'll meet Margaret in San Diego at the end of the month at a Jane Nicholas workshop I'll be attending. I'll post more on that when I'm back from vacation. But if I find I'm having issues, I'll wait and bring it along.

The Super Shuttle will be here in an hour to take us to the airport. We are flying to Hartford, Connecticut, meeting our son, then driving to Bar Harbor, Maine for a couple of days. Then it will be on to Colorado to visit my daughter, her husband and of course, our darling granddaughter. Maybe I'll be able to get her to model a couple of dresses I made. I'm taking my Waterfall Christening Gown to try and get some of the bullion flowers completed. I only have 14 to go, and each flower has about 10 bullions in it! 


  1. That's quite a circuit you will be traveling! Have a wonderful time. I adore Maine and hope to get up to Cape Elizabeth in the next month or two. Have fun with those bullions! There is a great shop in Cape Elizabeth for yarns and all sorts of hand dyed threads and such, right on Ocean Blvd.

  2. I remember that pomegranate and how lovely MC's version of it turned out. Can't wait to see yours! Have a wonderful vacation...the weather here has been just picture perfect the past week or so, so I hope it continues for your visit!


  3. I did this one, too! Picked it up when I was attending Beating Around the Bush in Adelaide in 2009. I loved every minute of it--Margaret has a wonderful eye for design. I envy you attending Jane Nicholas' class--please share your project with us at some point!

  4. Your goldwork projects are always such a beautiful design. Cant wait to see this one finished. Have a great trip.

  5. Cynthia,
    Have a wonderful time on vacation! And I think you can get your buillions finished. Those don't really take any time at all.

  6. Cynthia, I'm so excited that you are going to stitch this project. I know you'll do a wonderful job!

    Gail: Thank you so much for your kind words. Do you have any photos of your finished pomegranate? I'd love to see them.


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