Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bullion Wrap Dress - Starting the Construction

It's been a whole week since my last post, and I do apologize. I have made some progress on my projects, but it has been quite slow. I have managed to cut the fabric away from the scallop edging on the Bullion Wrap Dress, and even put the bodice pieces together, not that you can tell from this photo.

A bit of a close up of the scallop edging. This is not the easiest stitch in the world, taking quite a bit of practice to do really well, but I do think I'm getting a little better at it. It is such a relaxing stitch. Yards and yards of making the same stitch, always yearning towards perfection. It is worked in DMC floche, and working with floche always makes me happy. It is such a delight to use.

And I actually made the belt ties! I know, it is a pretty lame post. Soon the dress will be finished, because, thank goodness, I have a deadline. In just two weeks we fly to Connecticut to visit our youngest son, then on to Colorado to see lovely daughter and granddaughter, so I have to have it finished by then. And don't forget, I'm hosting a baby shower just a few days before we leave.

And in case you are wondering, youngest son is at Yale, working on a PhD in Physics. Only one more year to go! I wonder if I can sew his robes...


  1. Your scallops look awesome! I'm madly sewing for the fair. I hope I get everything finished I wanted to.

  2. So doing the scallops by machine first worked out well?

  3. I admire you doing all those scallops by hand! I have never used floche either but it might be something I will have to find for the next lot of monogramed pillowslips


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