Monday, March 14, 2016

A Bit More Tatting, and Some Updates

Nice, lacy pattern, if I just follow the directions! 
Since I finished the last hanky, I've been searching around for more edging patterns. I don't want really complicated ones, but something a bit more lacy, with plenty of picots on the rings. And ones with corner patterns. I'm not experienced enough to design my own, but with time I might be able to. I like this one, which I modified from another pattern, especially if I do it correctly. You can see the wonky ring on the cloverleaf two down from the corner.

Definitely needs practice
This one is a bit harder, as I need to work on getting the slack eliminated from the rings. I'll practice a bit more and make the picots larger.

I have some lovely Liberty of London fabrics that I bought during our last trip to London in September, 2014 to make the hankies from. I'm also using DMC Cordonnet size 80, real tatting thread, for these.

Now for updates:

The Hardanger project is on hold for a bit. I had some trouble with making the picots on the sides of the needle bars, and need some instruction. Luckily, I have resources. The owner of the needlework shop we frequent in Greeley is quite good in this and is available during our Stitch and Sit sessions on Tuesdays, and several of the Tatting ladies are experienced in Hardanger. They have all offered to help. What lovely ladies!

The Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt is coming along slowly. Right now I'm working on the borders, a boring job if ever there was one. I'll show it when there is something significant to show.

The Mystery Quilt is also on hold, as I only can work on one quilt at a time. I showed you my sewing space in this post, and it's pretty tight.

There has been quite a bit of activity on the house lately, thank goodness! We meet with a landscaper in the morning, so I should have some photos tomorrow. We are due to close on it April 12, less than a month away. I am so anxious to get into it.

And last of all, I've been sick. Two weeks ago I came down with a cold, not too bad, and was recovering nicely when last Thursday I was slammed with bronchitis and terrible coughing spells. Mr California Stitching brought me to an Urgent Care clinic first thing Sunday morning and they diagnosed me with something called "cough variant asthma" along with the bronchitis.  After some nebulizer therapy and a few days in bed with lots of drugs, I'm starting to feel almost human. The bad thing is, Mr CS went fishing later in the day and caught four trout, which I couldn't eat at all. So he had them for dinner and breakfast this morning. Today my poor little grandson couldn't figure out why I wouldn't hold him, and what's that funny smell? (hand sanitizer)

Grandma, why won't you hold me?
Here is is listening to old 50's rock songs on my phone. He will be a year old on Sunday. I can't wait to decorate the grandchildren's room in the house.

It's almost 9 pm and I'm ready for bed and another dosage of codeine. My cough was so bad I was given the pain relief dosage, which is almost three times the normal cough suppressant dosage. So I've been under the influence and not able to do much at all.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you've been poorly. My aunt who lives near you came down with pneumonia at almost exactly the same time! Weird, eh?

    But gosh, what a great photo of your grandson! You can see the wheels turning there, he must be very smart and sharp. And cute! Take care. :D

  2. Get well soon. Coughs can be so debilitating!

  3. So sorry that you are not feeling well. It's amazing that you have got anything done at all, considering how you're feeling. Your tatting is lovely and it reminds me very much of my grandmother's work. I have some of her edgings in my heirloom stash, and I am waiting for the perfect project to use them on.

    Isn't it amazing how quickly that first year goes? Happy Birthday to your very cute little QC guy and I hope you feel better soon so that he can get the hugs he's waiting for from his Gran.


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