Saturday, March 19, 2016

Very Slowly...

View of kitchen from family room
We are making progress on the house. You can see where the refrigerator goes on the right, and the space in the base cabinets for the stove to the left. The big blank spot in the center right is where the microwave goes, right under the counter. The cabinet people measured it wrong and it has to be remade. It was supposed to be here a few days ago, but it's not here yet.

Desk area with door to master bedroom

I love the way the desk area came out. There will be plenty of room for a computer and a printer. Two sets of outlets will make plugging everything in pretty easy. The center is the ethernet connection. I had them installed in about 6 places so we don't have to rely on in home wireless.

Vinyl flooring for the sewing room
Downstairs, the workers are measuring and cutting the vinyl for the sewing room floor. I didn't want to put hardwood in what is essentially a work room, so I opted for a very nice vinyl. Safety is an issue here. I'm always looking for pins and needles that I drop, and the hard flooring is a much safer option than carpet. If I want to convert the room back into a bedroom, it will be a snap to lay carpet down right over the vinyl.

We had snow yesterday, so the pouring the concrete driveway is postponed for a few days. We are supposed to close on the house on April 12, less than a month away!


  1. Oh how lovely! Enjoy every moment of this creative process! And keep those pictures coming!


  2. Your sewing room looks like a dream space! It feels very open and spacious and has all of that wonderful light. You will certainly enjoy working in that space.

  3. Lookin' good! That is one big and bright sewing room! I bet you can't wait!

  4. I'm sorry to mislead everyone, but that is the rec room, not the sewing room, which is out of site to the left. Still, it will be about 14 ft x 12 ft, which is still a good sized room!

  5. Looking good, indeed. So encouraging to see progress!

  6. It's really coming together now - it's going to look terrific!


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