Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sewing the Flowers Together

Starting to Sew the Flowers Together
This is tedious work. After I carefully laid out the blocks, I numbered them in the same hexie for each flower, so all would be pointed in the same direction. With so many pins, I won't put my QA guy on the quilt top, he will have to wait a bit for further inspection. I sewed the intersecting sections together, then started sewing them to the flowers. At first, they went together fairly randomly.

Four Rows Sewn Together
Then I realized it would be much easier to sew a small section to the larger, and growing section. With this method I can keep the bulky part on the bottom and a relatively smaller section on top. This is fairly easy to manipulate, especially compared to sewing two fairly large pieces together. Remember, for each seam I have to turn the quilt top slightly so the hexies line up properly, and it's much easier to line up each seam if I only have to struggle with one large section of fabric on the bottom and a relatively small one on top.

Corner of quilt top
This is a corner, showing how I'm adding a few leftover colored hexies here and there.

Marking hexies
While at first I was marking the start/stop points on the hexies using a template, I found that I could eyeball the correct positions fairly accurately.  (The paper is the back side of my new dental insurance card that I printed)

Whenever the marks were slightly off, this wonderful piecing foot always showed me where I needed to be. This thing is truly a gem.

I had to quit sewing for a while so my son could bottle the latest batch of beer he was making. I had run out of hexies and needed the table to cut more for the border.  This is all the room I have in the apartment for sewing. I can't wait to move into the new house; there will be an update on it shortly.


  1. Very impressive how quickly you are getting this quilt put together. Looks lovely! (I see that kitty isn't deterred by the pins!)

  2. First I looked at all the photos, and then I read what you had to say about them. Much the same as I thought! It's a big job, but you're doing really well. And the soft, blended batiks are going to be really gorgeous. Onwards!

  3. Juggling the stitching with the son's brewing - now there's an unanticipated challenge!


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