Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tile and Stonework Installation

Look! No snow!
We've had some warm weather lately, getting up into the 60s (16 C) on occasion. Here in Northern Colorado, when the sun shines, it gets rather warm quickly and many people go around in shorts and T-shirts. There were even some die hard golfers on the courses today, which has to be hard as it's been quite windy.

Stonework closeup
The stonework on the outside is being installed, looking good! I picked shades of grey, no brown, orange or purple. Yes, purple is available, it actually does look nice, but I wanted to keep it neutral.

Master bath floor
This is the master bath floor, the area on the upper left is the shower, the white wall in the middle upper is the tub surround. 

Second bath floor
The second bathroom floor is not only tiled, but grouted, as this is the only dark grey tile to be used as a solid color, not as an accent. No, I take that back, the bedroom fireplace will have this same tile. This bathroom and the downstairs bathroom will both have only showers, no tubs.


  1. I like that pattern in the master bath! Something different, but still classic. In 10 years you will be glad that you stuck with the neutral grey stonework, I think! Are you still on schedule for April?

    1. Yes, we should be able to move in during early April.

  2. It is all looking very nice :-)

  3. Good to see that progress is being made...

  4. Ohhhhh Cyntia i lavori proseguono...e alla grande!!! complimenti per il tuo gusto sia per la tua casa che per i lavori precedenti che ho ammirato...ti seguo sempre con piacere e ti ringrazio per le tue graditissime visite.....


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