Saturday, May 19, 2012

Works in Progress

I'm sure you are all thinking that I have far too many projects going at once, and you would be correct. I really need to cut down on the in-process inventory. But sometimes I get stuck on a particular section of a project and need to leave it awhile while I go through various options in my mind. My current projects are divided into two main (rather large) categories. First the easy ones:
  • Waterfall Christening Gown
  • Wee Care Gowns
  • Rosebuds and Hemstitched Baby Gown
  • Smocked Cell Phone case
I can work on these while riding in the car, watching TV, or sitting on the patio watching the birds fight over a never ending food supply, so it's useful to have them on hand for these occasions. But then I also have the more difficult projects:
  • Garnet Purse
  • Bits of Bullions Bubble
  • Celtic Knot Blanket
  • Black and white quilt
These take a fair amount of concentration, referring to instructions, or require a sewing machine, so they are best worked on in my sewing room with the door closed and some nice music or an audiobook playing. What's the Celtic Knot Blanket, you say? That's a project I haven't posted about, and it's the only one I have left from Beating Around the Bush in 2009, two and one-half years ago. There are also far too many kits that haven't been touched and a few WIP's from ages ago. I shudder at the thought of even listing them. Oh wait, and then there is all the fabric I bought to make summer dresses for my granddaughter. If I don't get started soon, it will be fall.

Where am I going with all this? While I think it's a good thing to have a few different projects going, eight is a bit too much. I think I'll try to list all of these on a project page and slowly work down the inventory to a manageable level. One of my big problems is that I'll have all of these projects going, and then something will pop up that I just Have To Work On. For instance, the Wee Care Gowns. I pleated the gowns I brought home from a Guild meeting, and was so frustrated by the way they were sewn that I just had to make a few more. The photo way up above is the second of these.  And then there is another few potential projects rattling around in my brain that I will just have to start, so here I go again increasing my in-process inventory.

What do all of you do? Do you start one project and see it through before starting another? Do you have just a few going at the same time? Or are you like me, with way too many project in work at once?  Do tell!


  1. Sono nella tua stessa situazione, ho iniziato troppi lavori e non so più dove mettere le mani. Ogni volta dico: fino a che non ho finito questi non ne inizierò di nuovi, ma poi non è mai cosi

  2. I've always been a 'one project' girl, but recently moved into "the real project" and "the Zen project". The first challenges my skills. The second is something like a Bargello, which I can stitch on sleepy and vague days.... So the same thing you are doing, but in the singular. I think "Zen projects" is a really nice label - free for adoption to a new home if you like :-)

  3. I limit my in process project to two. One is a hand stitched project, something I can pick up and do anywhere. The other is a "machine" project which requires my time in the studio. I find things don't get out of hand as my eyes are bigger than my hands are fast. Two at a time keeps my sanity.

  4. Far too many at the moment. I use to be really good. One project at a time. But lately, I've had trouble gaining traction and seem to flit from project to project. I'm working at cutting down the to-do list but it's slow going at times :)

  5. Ok. I'll lob in with a completely different view (hah). I had "too many projects" in cupboards so when I read someone's blog who had established a 10 project rotation system, with 10 hours per project, then move on, it sounded like me. I was often getting stuck on the hard or boring bits. So moving on actually helps. While the project waits its turn, somehow it becomes less hard and when I pull it out again, I rediscover all its glories. I do quite like to keep records, so a rotation system also seemed to suit me. I'm on my second year of using this method and it works for me. At first it curbed "adding things to the cupboard" but a recent flurry at the end of last year reminded me that 'eternal vigilance is the price of freedom'.


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