Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tiny Smocked Gowns

I didn't get selected for Jury Duty this week, so I was able to smock the three tiny blue gowns I pleated earlier. The pleated wrinkles in the sleeves came out fine as I was able to smock over them. They smoothed right out once I removed the pleating threads and spritzed with water to remove the holes. The blue gowns made by my SAGA chapter tend to be a bit utilitarian, as all the edges are finished by serging. As I wanted to make something a bit more finished, I decided to make a few of my own gowns; the very tiny white gown is one. This was made from instructions in AS&E, Issue 97, and I'll discuss that in detail in a later post.

This gown is the "Teeny Weeny" size, for a one pound (500 kg) baby. Doesn't it break your heart just looking at it and thinking of the tiny body it will clothe? Just to give you an idea of the size of this dress, the little bear measures nine inches head to toe.

These bears are just adorable. Right now at work we are having our big fundraiser for USO. These bears are on sale for $6.00 each, which is pretty expensive for such a small toy, but the money goes to the USO's camp for the children of wounded Marines. We are near the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, so our fund raising efforts go towards them. So far I've collected six bears, and now the ladies at work are dying to see them dressed up. So I'll make a few more to show off before donating the dresses. I'm now working on a slightly larger size of the white gown, and hope to have it finished tomorrow. I know I've provided this link many times before, but if you click on it, take the time to view the slideshow in the upper right hand corner to see the exquisite gowns, bonnets, and blankets the SAGA members have donated.

Tomorrow, by the way, is Mother's Day here in the US, (and Australia, New Zealand and several other places). Happy Mother's Day to all of you! I'm off to meet several siblings and our mother for lunch today, as we all refuse to go to the ubiquitous Mother's Day brunches on Sunday. I hope to spend my own Mother's Day stitching away and talking to my two out of state chicks.


  1. Very small and delicate work, indeed - well done!

  2. Ma che meraviglia, sono fantastici questi abiti-miniatura. Tantissimi complimenti!!!! Baci

  3. Beautiful wee gowns. They are so tiny too. Our Grace was only just on 5lb when born and I thought that was small! ENjoy your day with family today and stitching tomorrow. I feel that mothers day is just too commercialised. We keep it very cheap and simple because even though it is noce to get a small gift and card it is more about spending time together or chatting on the phone and thinking about our mum's.

    1. I so agree that Mother's Day is way too commercialized. We took our mother to lunch and bought her things that she can really use. I've told my children all I want is a nice meal and phone calls. It's all about spending the time together, as you say.

  4. I've thought about making some of the tiny gowns. But it's too emotional for me, so I just can't do it right now. I hope when the lady in our area has the group together, I'll be able to stitch some gowns up.


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