Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waterfall Christening Gown Hem Band

In the last post on the Waterfall Christening Gown, over two weeks ago, I was diligently ripping out entredeux and cutting off the too-tight roll and whipped edge from the hem band. That's about five hours of work wasted, and all from not paying attention to what I was doing. At least it's a recoverable mistake, and one that I'm not likely to make again.  Here is the slightly narrower hem band with a nice, even roll and whip on both edges and the entredeux added to one long side.  I was very careful to check my work as I progressed to ensure that I didn't pull the thread too tightly and make gathers again.

Here I've started to add the lace. This is pretty easy! I'm using 1 1/2 length of lace to fabric, and divided both the fabric and the lace into eight equal sections. I pinned the lace to the fabric and pulled on the lace header to gather the lace to the fabric. It's really easier to do this by hand than by machine. I don't know about you, but I go crazy keeping the lace lined up to the entredeux under the presser foot, so I'd much rather sit and stitch it by hand. This also has the benefit of a nice, relaxing time of hand sewing and listening to a good audiobook.

Now all that's left after the lace is to attach the hem band to the dress, work the buttonholes and sew on the buttons. Here I'm trimming the fabric from the entredeux that's attached to the dress so I can attach the hem band (the length without the lace edging).

Then the dress gets a good long soak and wash. This poor gown is getting so grubby from all the handling. But that's what is so great about fine cotton, it washes beautifully. Then on to the bonnet, and maybe a slip, but that will definitely be by machine.


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    2. Hi Carrie,
      Thanks for following me! This gown is made from Bearissima I and it's absolutely wonderful to work with. I used Nelona in the French Acadian Christening Gown, and it was pretty nice, too, but I think I like the Bearissima just a bit better. There is a comparison between Nelona and Bearissima at this link: http://www.heirloomsewingforchildren.com/fabric.htm

      BTW, Chadwick Heirlooms is having a sale, which ends tonight at midnight, EDT.

    3. Hi Cynthia, I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Bearissima I. I do love the sheen that it has and am looking forward to getting it sewn together. I thought I'd see if you have an opinion about another aspect of the gown. I got the idea from Creations by Michie's blog to crochet an edging to put on the hem of the slip to show under the gown. I've been experimenting with patterns, but I'm not satisfied with the thread that I'm using (DMC Cebelia size 30). It seems too thin, but I'm afraid if I go with something thicker, that it will look coarse and rough. I don't know if you crochet at all, but I know you must have lots of experience with different types of thread. Thanks! Carrie

    4. Hi Carrie,

      I actually have crocheted a few edgings for baby blankets and for a couple of projects for my granddaughter, but I've always used DMC perlé cotton in size 12 or bedspread cotton, size 10. I have a bunch of Cebelia in size 20 but haven't used it yet, nor have I tried the size 30. Since you are making a christening gown, I would think the lighter the thread the better, and would use Cebelia in either 20 or 30. If the 30 seems too thin, as you say, try the 20, you may like it just fine. The reason I think you should go with a very light thread is that usually we use very fine laces w/ Bearissima, and even a crocheted edge in size 30 would be heavy compared with lace. The best thing to do would be to crochet a few inches in each size sewn to a scrap and decide which you like better.

      What pattern are you using for the gown? I'd love to see your progress!

  2. From alindbergh:

    I've just started following your blog, so I haven't seen the christening gown from the beginning. What cotton are you using? I'm getting ready to order fabric for my own baby's gown. I'm leaning toward Swiss Nelona from Martha Pullen. I'm planning on hand sewing the whole thing. Thanks, Carrie

    I accidentally deleted your comment! I'm so sorry! So here it is back again. Please let me know what fabric you decide on, I'd really like to know. Did you look at the link?

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