Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jury Duty Stitching

I'm off to jury duty today and am bringing some very simple things to stitch while there.  This is a very small bishop for our Wee Care program for our local SAGA chapter. Looks nice, doesn't it? At least it does from afar.

But take a look at this photo. Do you see anything odd? That's right, no side seams! It seams that our chapter members who make the Wee Care gowns figure that it must be so much easier to make a gown without the side seams so the sleeve is set right into the gown.

But whoever thought this up didn't take into account my less than perfect pleating skills. I brought three of these gowns home and decided to pleat them Saturday while I was alone in the house.  The problem with pleating these things with the sleeves already sewn is that he sleeve portion has so much more fabric on the top than at the side seam, and invariably get it messed up as you can see in this photo. It took me two hours and three broken needles before I finished.  And I know what the proper answer is: go slow and practice! Pleat lots of gowns!

I'll smock these then make a few gowns myself - with side seams! I'd rather take the time to sew the seams if it makes the pleating easier.

Each time I go to a SAGA convention I buy lots of lace from Luc Smiers, the lace merchant from the Netherlands. I'll use this tiny lace on my gowns. More on this later, gotta go!


  1. Happy stitching and I hope it doesn't drag on too much like some cases out here do. Jury duty is one thing my hubby wants to do and the one time he was called up it got cancelled. I on the other hand definately dont want to do it because it would mean travelling to it and probably to the city YUCK!

  2. That sure is an interesting way to cut a bishop. Not sure I would make that one more than once! Give me sides seams, please!

  3. I've made one bishop without side seams and aside from the pleating issues, the fit is very different. I agree with you--I'd rather sew in the sleeves.


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