Monday, March 12, 2012

Persian Peony Tile Redo

I did manage to finish the Big Red Peony and take out the felt padding for the buds, but not much else. Thanks you to all of you who commented on it. I really appreciate the feedback, especially as I don't like to go against what a teacher tells me to do. And very especially as I paid good money for that advice!

While the Peony looks OK, I think I could do much better by stitching first, couching gold later. We'll see how the buds turn out.

Speaking of buds, here are the central detached petals. The one on the right is complete, and I'm filling in the center of the middle one. I really need to tape those wires down as the silk thread keeps catching on them. Click here to see all the posts on this project!

This is why I didn't get much done, I was making a baby bib for a friend to give as a gift for a baby shower.

Isn't he adorable? This is shadow work, which is just closed herringbone done on the back of the fabric. I've bunched the white fabric on the back to show you how the threads blur together to give the shadow effect. This is on white Imperial Batiste (polycotton) and I'll put a layer of white batting in between the embroidered piece and the back to make a kind of quilt.  I'm using DMC thread so it can all go into the wash. 

I don't know about you, but this Daylight Savings Time has knocked me out and I'm going to bed. Sweet Dreams!


  1. You know, 'breaking the rules' with these things is often how one discovers a more effective/efficient way of working. Well done you on being brave enough to follow your instincts and find your own way - even though it can feel like a waste of hard earned £$£ rejecting the teacher's advice. But, that's design!

    Taping the wire ends down is a good idea!

    Are you on daylight saving already? We don't start until the end of the month in the UK.

  2. Hi Cynthia, I'm mjust catching up after a week away. You have made good progress with the Tile and it is looking really good.

    In most cases (but again I have not done that much gold work) I have been told to do the silk work first then outline with gold. I think is is 1) because the silk catches on the gold and 2) to neaten any less that perfect edges.

    At a gold work class last Autumn, I was advised to do the outline first. I think the reason given was so the outline was perfect.

    I found it very difficult to not move or damage the gold outline when it came to do the filling.


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