Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Embroidered Heart

I realize that in a recent post I promised not to write about hearts for awhile, but the china cabinet reference pinged my memory. This is a cute hanging pillow of a heart that was a Wendy Schoen class several years ago and is now hanging on a china cabinet. I believe I took the class on some stitching retreat. It is worked on pale pink silk dupioni using DMC cotton floche. You can actually buy the kit from Wendy's website. We made the whole thing in class, so of course I once again did not fill it with lavender. It's really a fairly simple project. The embroidery consists mostly of bullion flowers with detached chain leaves. You can see how new I was to this embroidery as my backstitched grid is a bit wobbly.

Here is a shot of the heart with the tassel. The tassel is made with DMC perl√© cotton.  In case you are really into this embroidered heart thing, as I seem to be, if you click on here on embroidered hearts or in the cloud label, the link will take you to all of my various heart projects.
Now I really do promise, no more hearts for a while.


  1. It's very pretty. I have a thing for hearts too.

    Hazel Blomkampf (?) injects her pomanders with essential oil - so you can still give it a fragrance if you want.


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