Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Completed Bud

I've been working very hard on the peony buds of the Persian Peony Tile these past few days. After removing all of the embroidery and the felt padding I've already applied, I cut out all new pads and attached them to all three buds. Here is the top bud with the felt padding on the two lower buds completely covered and the top three petals stitched. I'm using Au Ver a Soie, Soie d'Alger in 2934, medium crimson, while the two lower petals are in 2935, dark crimson.

The No. 6 smooth passing thread was then couched with nylon thread. In this case, I used one piece for the two lower petals and another piece for the three upper petals. The loops in the middle are a bit wonky, but don't worry, they will be covered up by the detached petal.

A completed bud with the detached petal added. At the base of the petal there are lots of threads that got plunged to the back, four of gold and two of the wire from working the detached petal, so the join doesn't look too good. But it will be covered up with green thread. The top three petals are a bit uneven, especially when seen up close, but when viewed from far away the bud doesn't look too bad. Now to get to work on the other two buds.

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It's been a great weekend for stitching, as we have had a late winter storm here in Southern California. It's been cold, wet and blustery, and we even had a bit of hail this morning. 


  1. This piece is so beautiful! Just gorgeous! I love looking at it.

  2. Looking good Cynthia! I especially love that spiral of gold and blue around the outside edge of the whole design. So elegant!

    We're having some unusually warm weather here for March. It's 76 right now and all the windows are open. It's just beautiful, but a bit strange for this time of year! I'm not ready for summer!


  3. Mamma mia che meraviglia!!!!!!!!!
    E' straordinariamente bello, complimenti

  4. Coming along nicely. I love watching your embroidery evolve

  5. Gosh! a lot went into that little bud and it looks great.

  6. You are doing so well with this project, Cynthia!


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