Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inspiration from the Garden

Sometimes inspiration is all around us, even in the most mundane things. A lemon and some asparagus from garden (my garden, by the way!) don't seem like much, but you would be surprised at what a talented embroiderer can do with this subject.

Back in Inspirations No. 63, Susan O'Connor found her inspiration in just these lovely lemon and asparagus spears. The project is named Harvest, and also includes the cherries on the right hand page. Cherries won't be in season for another month yet, so I don't have photos. Besides, I don't have a cherry tree, being in Southern California by the ocean where they don't grow very well.

Maybe some day I'll try this project. after all, it calls for DMC floss, and I do have every single color.

I have three citrus trees: a lemon,  a lime, and a blood orange in my courtyard, and right now the fragrance is heavenly as they are all in bloom.

Do you get inspiration from the garden?


  1. How wonderful to have those citrus trees in your garden! My tiny garden doesn't have either the space or the climate, sadly, but I have based a couple of machine embroidery pieces on an iris and some ivy that grew in it, and I keep meaning to do more based on the flowers close at hand. Maybe one day!

  2. nearly always lol as you can tell by my love of all things floral. Vegies are a bit dull for me to stitch though but growing heirloom ones is amazing with the different colours and textures that you dont get in the supermarket.

  3. *sigh* I miss my Meyer Lemon tree. They don't do well in Pittsburgh's climate although I'm really starting to think I might get one for the patio and bring it in during the winter. They smell so heavenly when they're in bloom!
    My garden is currently mounds of grass clippings, but I've been getting some inspiration from the blooming and budding trees. There are SO many shades of green on the hills right now, with just a scattering of pink, rose and yellow mixed in. Softer, but just as colorful as autumn.

  4. Hi Cynthia :-)
    Just found your blog, and going for an explore :-)
    For wonderful inspiration for fruit, vegies, and beautiful insects/ butterflies, have you seen the plates from the "Mira Calligraphae Monumenta"?

  5. Oh! I also liked it! I'm just learning to embroider long and short stitches. And I love cherries, so I started with it))
    Here's what I got -


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