Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Fun Sewing and Shopping Day

I went for a little sewing related shopping today, which means I've visited three new (for me) shops in two days!  First of all, I picked up this bag kit at a shop right in my own town, called Sewing Party. I've heard about it for the past year and a half and finally managed to go there today. It's the only remaining quilt shop in South Orange County, and I figured I had better show up and buy something to help the business along. I picked up a bag kit, one of their own designs.

The kit contains very bright and cheery fabrics, and even includes the batting and the bag handles. I'll make this up as a gift for my daughter. There were several people in the shop needing help with their projects and the staff spent a considerable amount of time with them, making sure that everyone was happy.

Then I drove up north (well, north Orange County) to Fabric Land. This store has been around for several years but I've never been there. I went today, lured by their President's Day Sale (ahh, don't we all love sales?).  These fabrics are for a dress for my granddaughter.

And so are these.  Now I have enough fabric for about five dresses/tops so I had better get busy.  The really fun part is that when I was in the second store I visited, two customers came in that I knew. That always makes a shopping trip more fun. Also, I was extremely impressed with the way the sales staff interacted with each other and their customers. They are very interested in what everyone is sewing, they give all sorts of advice if you need it, and point out that if you have trouble, to come in to the store for help. They want to make sure every customer is happy and does not lack for help on their projects. That attitude makes for great customer service in both stores!

I'm just sorry I took so long to check these places out and I plan on visiting them much more often! Online fabric stores are great, but you just can't replace that personal touch from knowledgeable staff. So if you have a great local quilt shop or fabric store, please visit them and spend a bit of cash if you can.

So I've told you about the shopping part of the day and I'm sure you're asking about the sewing part. Well, it's all utility sewing. I'm making a new ironing board pad and cover for my sleeve board and trying to take enough photos to describe what I'm doing, and translating it into the directions for the full size ironing board cover. I hope to finish tomorrow and spend a few hours on my sadly neglected Persian Peony Tile.

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  1. WOW lucky girl! All those beautiful shops and some great purchases too.


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