Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crewel Work Doodle Finished

I've been plugging away at my little crewel work doodle that I made up from an A-Z design and leftover threads. This is where I started Sunday morning, and after about two hours,

I was finished! I now have four of these, three from kits and this leftover one. I decided at the last to whip the main stem and the secondary stem for the pink flower, as I think it gives it a bit more depth and texture.  These threads are Heathway wools and Gumnuts Poppies, a wool/silk blend that is sometimes slightly variegated. You can see it in the far left leaf in the light spot close to the pink flower. It was sating stitched with on piece of thread which happened to have a light spot in it. Now it's off to find frames.

So this wasn't much stitching this weekend, was it? I did spend Friday sewing a new ironing board cover and pad, but I didn't take very many photos as I was so caught up in thinking how to make it and working on it.

But here I am ironing an old napkin I inherited from my grandmother on the new cover. I plan on making new pads and covers for my sleeve board, so will explain what I did when I make them up and will take more photos. It's mildly innovative, if I do say so myself.

This weekend we worked on the yard, cleaning up debris, weeding and planting early vegetables. It's been in the low 70s so it's just marvelous to be outside. But I do need a nice long soak in the tub to ease my aching muscles!


  1. Early vegetables! Good grief, Cynthia! Even with our super mild winter we are many months from that.

    Your design came out very well. I hope you will post of picture of the whole group when it is framed and hung. I always think that figuring out what to do with our stitching is half the battle!

  2. Beautiful! A nice medley of stitches in such a tiny design, enjoy!!!

  3. Beautiful! I love the pink flower and the single blue line. Love your ironing board cover! It was quite cold here today, below normal, but we took a walk anyway and had numb faces when we returned! Brrrr!



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